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Lenny Balter

Lenny Balter, 68 years old, born in Westchester County, New York, moved to California in 1968 and has been in sales all his life. Lenny entered the real estate profession in 1973 working the beach cities of Southern California. In 1976, he decided to look for a piece of property in the country. After searching all over northern California, he found the southern Mendocino Coast. On his first day there he purchased a 6.5 acre parcel in the redwood forest overlooking the glorious Pacific Ocean, stating he will spend the rest of his life here on that day. Purchasing South Coast Propeties in 1987 and Pacific Real Estate in 1992, Lenny then signed on with Coldwell Banker in 1997, establishing one of the premier real estate offices serving the coast. In 2012, the office reverted to Pacific Real Estate. Outside of being a full time real estate broker, Lenny loves to work the land, converting his land into a park, and enjoys golf and fitness excercizing. You can always talk football with Lenny - he's an avid 49er fan. Happily married with two boys in their young 30's, life is a full time job.

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